Internet Poker "Tells"

Tells are things you pick up and use against another player at the table. For example in a live game
someone might scratch there ear before raising a pot. Then after the hand is over you see he had a
small pair. So you have a tell on them, they scratch there ear when they are not sure.

Playing on the Internet is different because you cant see the player your up against so you need to do something different. Watch how he bets.

First is to try and keep track how often a player gets in a pot.
Second is how much he comes in with, just a call or does he raise and how much?
Third is where is he seated in regards to the blinds. Is he in position behind the blinds and last to act
after the flop, or is he in front of the blinds and will need to act before others on the table.

If a player plays just about every hand then obviously hes gambling with any hand, this is ok, he will probably go bust before hes a threat. This kind of player generally thinks he can hit anything on the flop
and wants to see them all. If you raise him he will call. He doesn't believe you. Generally he wont raise
you. hes what we call a calling station. hes imposable to bluff if he pairs anything.

The way I play this player is to make him afraid of me early in the game. I don't get in a pot with him
unless Im willing to 3 bet raise him and bet the pot or go all in after the flop. I really want him out of the
game because he will limp in and others will limp after him then its imposable to know if someones strong
or weak. When you get into a pot, you want as much information as possible. By playing him strong like
that you are also sending a message to the other players at the table.

If a player plays one out of four hands then he is a bit more selective of his starting hand. This guy
plays any two face cards, suited connectors, small pairs, ace anything and suited cards. This is the most popular type of player on the net. More than likely this player will call a three bet raise and if he pairs anything on the flop he will ride it out if hes not put all in. This type of player generally wants action if he
hits 4 to a flush or 4 to a straight he will play it hard. He will call anything and even push you all in.

The way I play this type of player is the same way he plays me, I will re-raise him pre-flop and if I think
I am ahead after the flop I will bet half the pot. Sometimes you will take it down right there. Most of the
time when you force him to make a decision he will look at the board and see how many hands can beat him. Most of the time there is a hand that will beat him. If he calls the bet than I know hes on a draw or
has top pair. If the turn doesn't help a flush or straight draw and I have top pair with a big kicker I will
bet the same amount I did after the flop. If I have two pair or better I will put him all in. Another thing,
this type of player can be bluffed. He starts with average hands and knows hes gambling, he will fold to
large bets and wait for a better spot.

If a player folds most of the time and plays one out of ten hands or less then he is waiting for the top
ten hands. Pairs of nine and up, AK AQ KQ suited and AK.He will come in with a raise, most of the time
it will be one bet raise, he doesn't want to push people off. he wants a call. If you re-raise him and there is nobody else in the pot he will go all in pre flop. This type of player never wins a tournament. he makes it
half way through and goes broke. People see this type of play and don't call him, the blinds get bigger he gets short and throws it all in with average hand and loses or he gets blinded out. He is not a threat.

The way I play this type of player pre flop is I need aces or kings. I re raise his bet, he goes all in and I
need the nuts to call. Otherwise I just fold. If its later in the tourney and you have a big stack you can
afford to call the one bet raise and see the flop however you need trips or a great drawing hand like open ended straight or 4 to a flush and see if you can get the turn card cheap. he might let you because he thinks he is building the pot when actually he is letting you build a hand that can beat him. when you hit your hand go all in. most of the time he will call. Its tough to lay down a big hand when you have waited so long to play.

The big stack
Sooner or later your going to run into the big stack. This guy has accumulated chips by pushing people
off the pots, You see, he figures he can take the hit if he looses and still be in good shape, so he raises
and people fold. There is your tell. you know he is playing average hands hard. The best way to play this
guy is to stay away, play hands he is not in until you have a big hand. This guy has been pushing people
off pots all night. Hes confident he is going to push you off too. Never go all in pre-flop, One bet raise
will bait him. if he is first to act after the flop let him raise, then take a little bit more time to call. don't wait
a long time just a slight pause and call. if he checks on the next card, pause then just one bet him. Now he will most likely put in a big raise and is pot committed, you go all in. If he just calls and checks again, put in one third of the pot. This gives him pot odds to call.

As you play in tournaments you will find these tells helpful, Keep in mind people change there play as the tournament progresses. Generally people play tight at the beginning, loosen up a little after the first break
and get more aggressive toward the end.

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