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Hi, I dont know about you but when I grew up there wasnt any computer class to teach me how to use a computer.
I had to learn by trial and error. Well I have found out how to do several things and some cool short cuts.
On this page I share them with you.

Email basics,

Understanding your ISP
You have an email account through your ISP (internet service provider) It is known as a POP3 account. You need to chose an email address. When you chose a name like yourmail your address will be yourmail@yourprovider.com  You can have multiple accounts if you wish. Most ISP's give you up to 5 sub accounts.
You can access your email through your ISPs webpage or through email clients like Outlook express. That’s already installed on your computer however you must configure it. If you wish to use outlook express contact your ISP they will give you two settings SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) and the pop 3 settings. Use them to configure outlook express. Or just use the web.
Your ISP has filters to help cut down on the amount of unsolicited emails also known as spam. These are emails that are sent out in bulk to anyone and everyone.
Most people use these filters to cut back on the spam. When you do, most emails are sent to another folder (spam folder or bulkfolder) and your inbox will only have specified emails. These are emails you agreed to receive in your settings. The easiest way to receive email from someone is to add them to your address book, that will put there emails in your inbox instead of the spam folder. You can scan over the emails in your spam folder and select what you want to read, even add them to your address book so you will receive them in your inbox.

Emails can be received as a text only or HTML. This is used if you don’t want to see any pictures or hyperlinks (blue words that are underlined, When clicked on open your browser and take you there) If you just want text you can select text only. Most emails are sent both ways.

Attachments are files that are attached to emails. This can be several types of files but the most common types are documents, pictures and videos. An Attachment needs to be downloaded to your computer to see it. You can either save or run it.
This should be scanned for malware (spyware) before downloading unless you trust the sender. Using your ISP mail program will automatically scan or ask you if you want to scan it before downloading. When you download a file you have the option to run or save. When you run, windows downloads the file to your temporary directory and launches the program to start the file and you can see it right away. The file is stored in temp directory untill you clear the temp directory.
When you save a file windows will ask you where you want the file stored. Then you need to open the program that runs the file to see it. This will also save a copy you can view on your computer at a later date or send as an attachment of your own.
To send an attachment look for the paperclip symbol or "add attachment" while composing an email. Click on it and it opens up a small window with a browse button, click on it and you can browse your computer and select a file to attach to your outgoing email.

Now that you can receive emails what do you do with them after you read them?
Well you can delete them or save them. You can create an email folder and store emails there. That way you keep your inbox clean and easy to see more information. Your inbox is a folder. Just look around where you see inbox and you will see add a folder or check the help files for your provider.

Composing emails
When you send an email over the internet the text is "wrapped" at 65 characters.
This means there are 65 spaces and your messages is cut and a new line of text is started. Ever get an email that looks all chopped up? Its kinda hard to read that way. To avoid this, when composing an email hit return after 65 characters and your email will look correct to the recipient.
A little tip is to hit the = key 65 times at the top of your email and hit return when to get the end of the = line. for instance,


Then whenever you get to the end of the equals symbols like here 
Hit return and start a new line so your emails wont be all chopped up.
Now when its sent over the internet it will look right.
You can always go back and delete the = line.

Internet browsers
IE (Internet explorer) is the main browser on your computer. all other browsers use the settings on IE. They have there own features but there like a branch of a tree and the tree is IE. Other browsers are like, AOL explorer, Netscape, yahoo, Mozilla, firefox and others.
So if you encounter a problem with one of these the best thing to do is delete them and install it again. Don’t delete IE.
Lets talk about settings, Under the tools menu of IE you will see internet options. This is where you can set your privacy level. That is how your browser will react when it encounters a page that wants to do something. Like set a cookie, pop up an ad, start active x or download a file in a popup. Setting this level to low will allow most of these requests to happen. Setting this level to medium is where I set mine. This gives you a prompt to do what is required at the site. You can chose to do it or not.
The high setting may not even give you the option and just ignore it. while you wont see any pop-ups you wont be able to download files either. Medium works for me.

When a site needs a reaction from me such as to view a popup or run active x there is a prompt window that opens at the top of the browser window. This is where you chose to activate it or not. Most pop-ups are harmless. However there is something you should know about Active X. When you allow active X to run you are exposing your files to the sender.
There are two types of active X requests, Registered and non Registered. Non Registered ActiveX are risky, They can contain Trojans and viruses. Registered ones can also contain them so just be sure you trust the site before opening them.

Active x
Active x is actually a program that runs from a remote computer. Small programs can be embedded in HTML and your browser runs them. Like forms, flash, videos, audio, pictures and such. Larger programs like for instance a media player are too large for your browser to support so they need to run from the remote computer after you authorize it. Usually by clicking on the active X window you now have control over it. Like you can play, pause, stop it. Active X is also used to preform scans on your computer to check for spyware by reputable companies. So you see, it has access so be careful.  

Bookmarks aka favorites   Is a place to store the websites you want to visit again.
Bookmark a site.
As your browsing the internet and you find a place you wish to return to then select favorites, add to favorites, and add.
When you want to go back to that site, Select favorites dropdown menu select desired folder and the site will be in the folder. Click on it and you will go there.
Make a bookmark folder to organise bookmarks
In internet explorer across the top you will see File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools and Help. Select Favorites, drop down menu, select Organise favorites. What you can do is add a folder. select create or new  folder then name it Home biz. Now you have a place to put all your Home biz stuff.
OK now you can get around the internet much easier. By the way, you can create a folder within a folder if you like. while your in orgnanise favorites open a folder and select create folder. Do this with all your affiliate programs for easy reference.

Copy and Paste
This is a major time saver. This is extremely helpful when you want to copy a web address and paste it into your browser.
There are two ways to do this, Mouse and mouse with keyboard.
The first thing you need to do is highlight the text to copy. Then you copy it. Then you paste it. To highlight text place your mouse over the text and press and hold down the left mouse button, drag the pointer over the text you want and release. Now its highlighted.
Place your pointer on the highlighted text and press the right button. a small window pops up with options, select copy with left button. Now the text is on your clipboard. You don’t see a clipboard but its there. Now go to where you want the text to be. left click to set the pointer where you want it, Right click and select paste.
To use the keyboard Highlight text as described above, to copy hold down Ctrl key and hit C
To paste hold down Ctrl key and hit V  Keep in mind, what you have copied to the clipboard stays there untill you copy something else or turn off your computer.

Drag and drop
This is a way to move files around your computer. Example, Open your My documents folder. Select a file with the left mouse button now hold down the mouse button and move the pointer to your desktop and release. Now the file is on your desktop. You use this function to move files between folders. To move a file to a specific folder inside my documents simply place the pointer on top of the folder you want the file to go into and release.
This works on most everything, Files, folders, pictures, shortcuts etc.

Shortcuts are a way you can get somewhere quicker, duh... OK lets say you install a program. The program is installed on your computer in a folder called program files.
You can access this program by going to start > Program files > then select the program.
Or, On your desktop is an icon It has a small white box in the lower left hand corner with an arrow in it. That’s a shortcut icon. By clicking on the icon you do the same thing.
By deleting this icon you delete the shortcut. Not the program.
Not all Icons are shortcuts. some programs have been installed to your desktop. Its best not to delete these. Windows will tell you if it is a shortcut when you select delete.

Mouse functions

Most of the mouses today have three controls, Left and right buttons and a scroll wheel.
When you are directed to click on a file it’s the left button otherwise its "right click"
Scroll wheel works inside a window, Click in a window and roll the wheel up or down it will move the window. Now click on the scroll wheel and a small indicator comes up with arrows pointing up and down. Move your pointer down and you will see the window slowly scroll by itself, this is helpful when reading a lot of text.

Keyboard shortcuts
The keyboard shortcuts I use the most are Tab, Alt Tab, Alt F4 and Ctrl Alt Delete.
Tab is used when you want to move to the next item in a window. Great for online forms.
Instead of moving your mouse to the next window just hit Tab.
Alt Tab is used to move between open windows,
Press and hold down the Alt key with your thumb, While its down tap the Tab key with your index finger, this will move you between open windows.
Alt F4 closes what your doing. Dont do it now :-)
To close the window you are using (this works on programs too) press and hold Alt and tap F4. The last shortcut is three keys. Crtl Alt and Delete.
This will bring up your Windows task manager. Here you can close a program that’s not responding without rebooting your computer. Just select the program and select end task.
If you do this twice in a row it will restart your computer. So if it doesn’t come up right away wait a minute.

Computer Slow?

When your computer slows down and you think you’re infected with something the first thing most people do is download something to fix it. Most of the time the program that infected your computer is simply a way to sell software. This tells you that you have a potential threat and run your spyware program.
Well the program that has infected your computer has changed the settings and you can’t run your spyware program correctly. So naturally it suggests downloading their product. Which costs money. Now most of the time the program that you buy will fix your computer by removing the very program that it installed in the first place. Clever marketing skills, dont you think? Now if you have paid for the program and downloaded and installed it, they have a doorway into your wallet. They can download other programs to your computer in the future to do the same thing. You fell for it once, you will fall for it again. It’s a never-ending circle of programs you didn’t want in the first place.

Well the good thing is, There is a better solution.

Lets get the basics down, Windows has a security system that’s included in  Microsoft windows. This has a firewall, spyware protection, virus protection and update settings. ISPs (Internet service providers) They now have there own security systems that offer the same things. Along with email filters. You don’t need more than one of these systems running .
If you have more than one, like Windows security and your ISP security system running at the same time you are making things worse. To repair your computer delete your providers system, you can always reinstall it after your fix if you want. NEVER run more than one virus program. This can harm your computer.

So what are these things?

Firewalls are designed to keep your computer safe by stopping unwanted traffic to your browser. Modems with routers have firewalls. You can download firewalls that will run on your computer from the internet, Windows has a firewall and your ISP has a firewall. The problem is, many people have more than one firewall and don’t know it. The more firewalls you have up the harder it is to get information from the internet and it slows you down. You should only have one firewall running. Take the time to understand this and learn how to change the settings to allow the sites you want to see and ignore the rest.

Spyware protection,
Spyware protection Can be a program you choose to run when your computer starts to slow down. It can also be a program provided by your ISP that runs in the background and watches for anything that got through the firewall. When something does, it notifies you and tells you to run spyware protection to remove the problem. I use a program that I can chose when I want to run it. Its also recomended by several webmasters. Its called Spybots Search and Destroy You can get it for free here:
Yes you can make a donation however its not nessessary.
Actual Spyware can be a few things.  Tracking cookies and Trojans are the most popular.

Tracking cookies
Tracking cookies may not actually be harmful to your computer. What they do is track your activities on the internet. Then whoever set the cookie checks back and finds out where you have been. Once it has this information it is used to target the ads you see. Let’s say you visit a lot of car part’s sites, Then you check your email and there are ads, When an ad pops up its going to be something to do with car parts. Not gardening for example. These cookies are stored in your temp internet folder. You can remove them if you like by going to internet explorer, select Tools, Internet options, delete cookies. Before you do this, You should know that cookies are also used to remember your password at websites so if you visit several password protected website and your browser has stored a cookie to remember password and you delete it you are going to have to put in your password again.

Trojans are harmful to your computer. Remember the story about the Trojan horse? Well it’s the same idea. Trojans have entered your computer through your firewall or as an attachment in an email or in some file like a song or video you have downloaded off the web.
Once a Trojan is in place it invites other programs into your computer. Now you don’t have to download anything, The Trojan does this for you. (not good)
Soon you will have several programs and even viruses installed on your computer without your knowledge. since these programs load whenever you load windows they start before you can do anything. They Hijack your computer. you no longer have control of what’s running and they take up all your resources so you cant start to remove them in normal mode.

Hijackers control what you see on your monitor, They take over browsers, decide what programs run in the background and suggest you do things. (Like buy there spyware removal program) You no longer have control. You are going to need help.

Getting Help
Fortunately there is a place you can get help for free. These guys are Major Geeks.
They live and breathe binary code and are very helpful. They will diagnose the problem and tell you what you need to do to fix it. Its like a puzzle to them and they like to solve it.
YOU MUST FOLLOW DIRECTIONS PROPERLY! These guys know what they are doing but if they have the wrong information it’s a waste of there time and yours, So if you have trouble following directions don’t do it. This will Take some time to do, you will need to run several programs, create reports, post the reports in a forum and wait for a responce. This can take several days. They are nice enough to do this for you free of charge but if you provide the wrong information its like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle without the correct pieces. no fun. If that’s the case hire someone to do it for you.

OK here is the link to there website. You guessed it, Majorgeeks.com What you do is join the forum, get a username and password. sign in and go to MajorGeeks Support Forums > Help & Technical Forums > Malware Removal. IMPORTANT Scroll down and you will see a post: READ&RUN ME FIRST Before asking questions.

Here is a link, http://forums.majorgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=35407

Read the whole thing so you know what’s required. This alone may solve your problems. If it does not then get the information that’s requested during the procedure and attach it to your post requesting help. When someone looks at your post and decides to check out your problem and help you they will reply. Now your getting somewhere.

You will be notified by email when this happens. Once again follow directions precisely
and your computer will be returned to you. I hope this helps you. In no way am I a professional at this I am just sharing info that has worked for me. Good Luck.

Quick fix, Free Online Scan
If you need help and you just dont have the time to go through the procedure there is a quick fix. It's called Spyware Nuker. Click Here! for a free online scan.

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