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Jill Hopkins

  My older Sister Jill, She was born in 1957, at Stanford Hospital in San Francisco.

Jill is no longer with us. She Passed away February 3rd 1994.

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Some of you might remember the date February 3rd 1959. That's the date Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and J.P Richardson (also known as the Big Bopper) died in a plane crash.
Its referred to as "The Day the music died"   Well 35 years later was the day the music died for me. Jills second marriage was to a recovering drug addict. He didn't fully recover and shot up with a used needle and contracted AIDS and passed it along to her.

 After ten years of fighting the disease, she left us on a rainy afternoon.
My mom says it was sunny, I guess it was just me who couldnt see the sun.

Who knows,  Maybe  one of those  Rock stars came to get her... Its a nice thought.
She is survived by her two sons from her first marriage. Tony and Steven Marez. Both of her boys have moved to Arizona and started familys of there own. Occasionally she is on my mind and I thought this would be a good way to reminisce.

She wanted to be a rock star, Actually she was very talented vocalist. Played acoustic guitar, Piano and wrote her own songs. She played in a couple garage bands the had a few gigs at local establishments and took her music seriously although was never "discovered"

Her first husband was a very talented guitar player.
He was the fastest lead guitar player I ever heard.

It runs in the family,  His Father, Gilbert Marez plays classical guitar Andy played  Rock and roll as well as classical, there son Tony can play anything.

Although she was two years older then me, while growing up, she never looked down at me
she always considered me an equal. As a matter of fact, She saved my ass a few times.
As we got older I was able to help her out with lifes trials and tribulations...
She was my best friend. I will always remember the music and good times we had.


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One of the bands was called Hot Ice, Here are a few shots of her with the band at practice and at an outdoor talent contest.

She was in a couple bands. Country rock and hard rock. I think her favorite song to sing was "Me and Bobby Magee" or at least thats the one my mom loved to hear her sing. Her friend Rick Recorden is the one who took all these pictures, He was her best friend.
Rick is a great guy, He likes photography, racing cars and simple things in life.  If you ever see this Rick I just want to say thank you.

Jill always liked to play for the family whenever we got together. Most of the time she played her gituar and sang her own songs. Sometimes she would play the piano and I would play gituar while she sang the lyrics. Always the entertainer. Here are a few shots taken in the 80's Jill and a family friend Dee, Jill the cook (lol, well she tried) and me and a couple of our friends. from the left, Greg Smith, Greg Odgers and myself.

Here is a couple shots of her when she went to Hawaii with my younger sister Kelly

For many years My sister Jill did not speak to our Dad. When she was very young my cousin died in a house fire and When
she was told of the accident by my father she was appaled at how casually she was told. She never forgave him for that.
As a matter of fact they didnt speak to each other for several years. She married, had children and wouldnt even let her
kids accept gifts from him. Yea it was that bad. After 25 years something happened I realy dont remember. I think I was
living out of state at the time.
These pictures were taken at my dads house one day.

We all miss you